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ghost tours, architectural salvation yards, the Victorian gothic, old cemeteries, swing sets next to old cemeteries, antique textiles, armchair psychology.


direct sunlight, leaf blowers.

Favorite books:

Wuthering Heights, Geek Love, The Poisonwood Bible,We Have Always Lived in the Castle, Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, Hamnet, A Rat's Tale.

   Rebecca Emily Darling is a self-taught writer and multidisciplinary artist whose work explores grief, dissociation, childhood trauma, the inter-section of folklore and personal mythology, and those strange moments when our subconscious breaks into our reality. She grew up in a yellow Victorian house in Massachusetts, where she was raised by two eccentric but brilliant academics who instilled in her a great love of reading, writing, and maximalist interior design. Her creative nonfiction essays have been published on Modern Loss, HuffPost, and HelloGiggles.

   At nineteen years old, Rebecca began working full time in Downtown LA's  underground vintage clothing scene before branching out to found her own online business, Rococo Vintage, which she ran for about ten years. A child actor and later a survivor/victim (do you like your glasses half full or half empty?) of the gig economy, she's sold Fruit Roll-Ups, made lattes, shipped fine art prints, taught fitness classes, and worked as a freelance photographer specializing in Old Hollywood-style lighting and portraiture. Her hobbies include making miniature heads out of clay and taking online classes in ancient death mythologies.

   Rebecca is currently at work on a hybrid memoir and family saga about memory, fairy tales, generational trauma, and her loving but tumultuous relationship with her mother, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease and vascular dementia when Rebecca was a young adult. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and their cat, Mervyn Leedle, who is vaguely internet famous.

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